The ultimate utility engagement tool

We use gamification to drive energy consumer engagement

Applying games technology to energy

We use mobile-gaming industry tools and techniques to solve utilities' challenges

Better demand response

Improve customer participation through engaged customers eager to play. Game mechanics make them want to shift their load when you want them to.

Reduce customer churn

Attract new customers and retain existing ones by offering them engaging gameplay that uses their energy data. Your customers stay with you so they can access the latest features.

Improved smart meter strategy

Turn your rollout plans into an opportunity rather than a challenge. Games that use household energy data create a consumer pull for smart meters.

Leverage the smart home and IoT

Encourage customers to connect their smart home devices to improve their game performance. We can integrate with your existing smart home platform or use our own.

More Time-of-Use tariff participation

Improve take-up of ToU or novel tariff structures by making these fun and engaging, linking them to games and easily understood visual cues.

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